AIS can work with your existing sample, your technical data or a prototype to produce seat covers and other softgoods.

SEAT COVERS:  Our customers depend on u to work with them when it comes time to upgrade and update their interiors.  These services include, but are not limited to redesigning their seat covers and cushions as well as new burn certifications.

CARPET: Our services and capabilities also include custom cutting and binding of carpet.

CURTAINS: Aircraft Curtains function as both acoustical and privacy element, yet are often overlooked as an opportunity to add a visual appeal for passengers. Our design staff can work with you to select the best materials be sure your cabin curtains are meeting all of these requirements.

ADMIN POUCHES: are used for multiple purposes. Our staff will work with you to design a pouch that meets your specific requirements and uses.

Our customers depend on us to help them solve problems with premature wear and tear as well as improper fit of interior products. We work with them to determine the best materials for fit, usage and aesthetic requirements.

Our production and design staff are always looking for products and production methods to improve efficiency and durability in the aviation industry.